Pellowah is particularly effective for those suffering from diseases that have a mind body connection and disease arising out of trauma. It also works brilliantly for those who feel they have tried everything and find they are still struggling with the same old negative patterns. Chronic diseases benefit from Pellowah, and it has a remarkable ability to reach deep emotional problems. Both adults and children may receive Pellowah and it also works with plants and animals.

Some people come to Pellowah simply because they wish to open themselves up to greater consciousness or because they find themselves at a crossroads in life. What is certain is, if you are reading this, Pellowah is calling you!

By simply building new pathways out of our old selves Pellowah provides a breakthrough where other therapies may not have succeeded.

Children and Animals

Pellowah is also highly effective for children and animals because they have not yet learned to fear change, which is often the case with adults.

Children and animals respond naturally and easily to their environment.

Pellowah is also suitable because it does require any touching.

Parents of children with autism and Aspergers have noticed beneficial changes in their children’s behaviour after a Pellowah session, including increased calmness, a desire for physical affection and reduced anger.

Animals too have responded with calmness and less fear in a usually fearful situation. It has proven of benefit to rescue animals and those who have experienced trauma.

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