Are you fed up with running around in circles? Are you looking for a way to finally break free from your old patterns? Do you find yourself unable to move forward or feel as though you will never escape from your life situation? Are you simply looking for a way to find happiness and peace within yourself?

The answer is Pellowah. This amazing energy helps you find exactly what you need for yourself and your life. With Pellowah you can change your life and embrace your dreams. All that needs to happen is for you to change your perspective.

Everything we have in life, everything we are in life is created by us. Our thoughts create our reality. So what if we change our deepest inner beliefs of the world?

You would find new ways of being in the world, you would find the courage to step up into your dreams. You would see a new pathway out of your situation.


Pellowah is a high frequency cosmic energy and is currently the highest frequency light available to us on earth. Pellowah increases the amount of light in the deepest part of you. It works by changing you from the inside out, whereas other therapies work from the outside in. This means the changes can be blocked by the layers of pain that surround your inner light.

Pellowah goes directly to your inner light and releases it so that the changes happen naturally without resistance.

Pellowah creates a radical shift in your consciousness which then creates change in your outer life. The changes will always be for your highest good.

If you are ready to step into your highest potential, you are ready for Pellowah.

Do contact me if you have any questions.

“During my Pellowah session I found myself surrounded by water and butterflies. I felt a lot of negativity drawn from me to the point where I felt anxious when I tried to “think it” and very calm when I just went with it. I’m starting to feel real hope, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.” S.C.

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